Alphachant Phonics

© 2004

Recommended for: Bilingual Education | Dual Language | English Language Learners | Summer School

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1

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Learning Consultant Attention

Children develop oral language, build phonemic awareness, and learn English sounds and rhythms as they listen and chat. After each short vowel is added, decoding lessons help children apply their new skills in decodable text.

26 Lap Books and CD

Interactive books and CD build phonemic awareness and introduce letters and sounds.
Phonics Picture Cards: 189 double-sided cards for practice and reinforcement.
Finger Puppet: Used for phonemic awareness actitivies.
PreK LevelKindergarten Level

Alphachant K2 Kit
ISBN: 9780736223935

Alphachant K2 Make and take home
ISBN: 9780736223911

AlphaChant Prepri Kit
ISBN: 9780736220200

Alphachant Prepri Read Alone
ISBN: 9780736220071

Phonics Street KIT
ISBN: 9780736216722

Phonics Street Read Alone
ISBN: 9780736216562

Phonics Street Rhyme Cards
ISBN: 9780736216692

Phonics Street Skills Practice
ISBN: 9780736216715