Best Practice

Bill Mascull, David Kerridge, Jeremy Comfort

Levels: Elementary A1 | Intermediate B1 | Pre-Intermediate A2 | Upper Intermediate B2

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Learning Consultant Attention

Best Practice is a four-level business English course designed for use by both pre-work students and those already working. It uses realistic, international contexts to train learners on the English needed for both the professional and personal sides of modern business life.

  • Short two-page modules get straight to the point, building up basic language quickly and efficiently
  • A wide variety of business situations provide motivating contexts for low-level learners
  • Separate writing, vocabulary-building, and grammar sections allow the teacher to tailor the course to students’ needs
  • Extensive presentation and practice of telephoning language and e-mail writing tasks expressly build skills essential in today’s global environment
  • The accompanying audio program focuses on international English, using British, American, and non-native accents
  • Comprehensive teacher support materials include Exam View® Pro test generating software and test bank, which allows teachers to create customize, and correct tests quickly and easily