Bridge to IELTS

Louis Harrison, Susan Hutchinson

ISBN-13: 9781133318941

1ª Edición | © 2013

Levels: Intermediate B1 | Upper Intermediate B2

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Learning Consultant Attention

Bridge to IELTS is designed for students who want to start an IELTS preparatory course. The 120 hour course takes students at Pre-intermediate level up to Intermediate level by systematically working on:

  • A core grammar and vocabulary syllabus
  • Skills development
  • Study skills development
  • Knowledge of the IELTS exam

By the end of the course students should have the knowledge, skills and confidence to embark on an IELTS preparatory course.

Student’s Book
ISBN: 9781133318941

Workbook with Audio CD
ISBN: 9781133318965

Teacher’s Book
ISBN: 9781133317494

Class Audio CDs
ISBN: 9781133318224

ISBN: 9781133316732