Classical Comics

The classic graphic novel collection

Cengage Learning

Levels: Advanced C1 | Intermediate B1 | Upper Intermediate B2

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Classical Comics is a revolutionary new series of graphic novels which re-tells classic literature for learners of English. Graded at the intermediate level, the fresh blend of accessible storytelling and captivating artwork ensures that students will want to return to these stories time and again.

  • The combination of graded texts and stunning artwork encourage learners to read the classics, motivating even the most reluctant reader.
  • Each reader includes Audio CDs with the full text, recorded using professional actors.
  • A Teacher’s Resource Pack includes teacher’s notes, photocopiable worksheets, answer keys and other materials to help teachers use the materials effectively.

A Christmas Carol
AmE reader no CD: 9781424042876
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045754
Workbook: 9781111005726
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424046324

A Midsummer’s Night Dream
AmE reader no CD: 9781111838454
Audio CD (AmE): 9781111838485
Workbook: 9781111838461
Teacher’s Manual: 9781111838478

AmE reader no CD: 9781111838492
Audio CD (AmE): 9781111838522
Workbook: 9781111838508
Teacher’s Manual: 9781111838515

AmE reader no CD: 9781424031840
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045747
BrE reader w/CD: 9781424031818
Workbook: 9781111005719
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424046317

Great Expectations
AmE reader no CD: 9781424028825
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045723
BrE reader w/CD: 9781424028795
Workbook: 9781111005689
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424046294

Henry V
AmE reader no CD: 9781424028771
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045716
BrE reader w/CD: 9781424028757
Workbook: 9781424053421
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424046287

Jane Eyre
AmE reader no CD: 9781424028870
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045730
Workbook: 9781111005696
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424046300

Julius Cesar
AmE reader no CD: 9781111838898
Audio CD (AmE): 9781111838928
Workbook: 9781111838904
Teacher’s Manual: 9781111838911

AmE reader no CD: 9781424028733
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045785
BrE reader w/CD: 9781424028702
Workbook: 9781111005733
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424045655

Romeo and Juliet
AmE reader no CD: 9781424042913
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424045761
Workbook: 9781111220129
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424046331

The Canterville Ghost
AmE reader no CD: 9781424042999
Audio CD (AmE): 9781424042968
Workbook: 9781111220068
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424042975

The Tempest
AmE reader no CD: 9781424042968
Audio CD (AmE): 9781111220082
Workbook: 9781111220068
Teacher’s Manual: 9781424042975

Wuthering Heights
AmE reader no CD: 9781111838850
Audio CD (AmE): 9781111838874
Workbook: 9781111838867
Teacher’s Manual: 9781111838881