Fantastic Flyers

Wendy Superfine, Judy West, Viv Lambert, Cheryl Pelteret

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1 | Elementary A1 | Pre-Intermediate A2

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Learning Consultant Attention

Delta Young Learners English is an activity based course for Young learners of English in the 7 to 13 age range. Based on the syllabus of the revised 2007 Cambridge Young Learners English Tests, it is designed to ensure successful learning in children preparing for the tests.

All books make ideal preparation for the Cambridge YLE tests as well as being an excellent course for any young learner.

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Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781905085095

Activity Book
ISBN: 9781905085101

Teacher’s Book
ISBN: 9781905085118

Audio CD Pack (2)
ISBN: 9781905085125