Jennifer Heath, Michele Crawford

© 2016

Recommended for: Young learners

Levels: Elementary A1 | Pre-Intermediate A2

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Learning Consultant Attention

Hopscotch is a six-level, gently-paced primary series with a communicative focus and a gradual progression that helps primary-age pupils learn English whilst discovering the world around them.

The use of texts, stories and National Geographic photographs draws on pupils’ innate curiosity and fascination with nature, the environment and different cultures to encourage naturally their desire to speak and communicate in English.

  • Fascinating photographs showcase the real magic of the world and engage pupils’ attention.
  • Introduces communicative skills in Levels 1-3 before tackling reading and writing skills in Levels 4-6.
  • Wonderful World and Explorers’ Club lessons open a window on different global cultures and introduce a fun class project to involve all pupils.
  • DVD Club lessons deliver language input and support young pupils through carefully selected video material.
  • I Can! sections based on CEFR in Levels 1-3 develop pupils’ self-assessment skills and highlight their progress.
  • Play with Sounds sections in Levels 4-6 address phonetics and its challenges.
  • Picture stories introduce natural language and vocabulary through simple and accessible storylines.
  • Review sections recycle and revise language to ensure pupils consolidate what they have learned.
  • Full-colour Activity Book develops coordination and motor skills with drawing, crafts, and stickers in Levels 1-3 and provides review and extension activities, Grammar Guides and word lists in Levels 4-6.
  • Special online sections give guidance and support for teaching pupils with specific learning needs.


Level 1

Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781408097960

Actvity Book
ISBN: 9781408097977

Teacher’s Book with Class Audio CD and DVD
ISBN: 9781408097540

Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN: 9781408097045

ISBN: 9781408097014

Level 2

Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781408097984

Activity Book with Audio CD
ISBN: 9781408098004

Teacher’s Book with Class Audlo CD and DVD
ISBN: 9781408097557

Interactive Whlteboard Software
ISBN: 9781408097120

ISBN: 9781408097090

Level 3

Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781408097137

Activity Book with Audio CD
ISBN: 9781408097502

Teacher’s Book with Class Audlo CD and DVD
ISBN: 9781408097564

Interactive Whlteboard Software
ISBN: 9781408097205

Level 4

Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781408097212

Activity Book with Audio CD
ISBN: 9781408097519

Teacher’s Book with Class Audlo CD and DVD
ISBN: 9781408097571

Interactive Whlteboard Software
ISBN: 9781408097274

Level 5

Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781408097281

Activity Book with Audio CD
ISBN: 9781408097526

Teacher’s Book with Class Audlo CD and DVD
ISBN: 9781408097588

Interactive Whlteboard Software
ISBN: 9781408097342

Level 6

Pupil’s Book
ISBN: 9781408097359

Activity Book with Audio CD
ISBN: 9781408097533

Teacher’s Book with Class Audlo CD and DVD
ISBN: 9781408097595

Interactive Whlteboard Software
ISBN: 9781408097410

All levels

Online Resources
ISBN: 9781408062319