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Pamela hartmann, Nancy Douglas, Andrew Boon

© 2014

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Learning Consultant Attention

Inspire is a listening and speaking course with additional content reading designed to create a richer speaking experience. the spectacular national Geographic photos and video provide enduring images that inspire learners to discover the world in all its brilliance.

  • A mixture of scripted and authentic audio provides opportunities for listening practice.
  • Students’ communicative competence is developed through guided pair and group discussion activities.
  • An extensive range of activity types include interviews, surveys, class presentations and projects, and encourage students to take their learning beyond the classroom.

National Geographic video offers additional opportunities for developing listening comprehension and inspires discussion about the wondrous diversity of our planet.

Level 1

Inspire Student’s book level1
ISBN: 9781133963684

Inspire Teacher’s Guide level 1
ISBN: 9781133963653

Inspire DVD/Audio CD Level 1
ISBN: 9781133963646

Level 2

Inspire Student’s book level 2
ISBN: 9781133963578

Inspire Teacher’s Guide level 2
ISBN: 9781133963554

Inspire DVD/Audio CD Level 2
ISBN: 9781133963455

Level 3

Inspire Student’s book level 3
ISBN: 9781133963424

Inspire Teacher’s Guide level 3
ISBN: 9781133963387

Inspire DVD/Audio CD Level 3
ISBN: 9781133963370

Inspire Exam View levels 13
ISBN: 9781133963608