Life American Edition

Paul Dummett, John Hughes, Helen Stephenson

Levels: Advanced C1 | Beginning Pre-A1 | Elementary A1 | Intermediate B1 | Pre-Intermediate A2 | Upper Intermediate B2

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Learning Consultant Attention

National Geographic Learning brings the world to your classroom with Life, a six-level integrated-skills series that develops fluency in American English. Through an exploration of real world content from National Geographic presented through stunning images, text, and video, learners will strengthen their existing global connections while learning the English skills needed for communication in the 21st century.
To encourage a generation of informed decision-makers, Life prepares learners to think critically while teaching the English skills needed communicate effectively through:

  • Information-rich topics that naturally promote curiosity and challenge learners to understand the themes In English on a deeper level.
  • Developing the 21st century skills needed in a technologyrich environment, like questioning authors’ intention and using visually literacy skills to infer meaning.
  • Explicit ‘Critical Thinking’ sections that take language learners from understanding, to evaluating, and finally to creating their own texts in English.
  • New, user-friendly technology supports every step of the teaching and learning process from in-class instruction, to independent practice, and to assessment!

Technology for learners makes independent practice accessible and engaging!

NEW interactive eBooks seamlessly integrate audio and video and are compatible on most tablets!

For an alternate format, the Student CD-ROMs provide the same videos and activities as the Online Workbooks!

Level 1
Student Book 978-130-525-572-2
E-book (printed access code) 978-130-526-714-5
E-book (ePin for eccomerce use) 978-130-526-243-0
Student Book with CD-ROM 978-130-525-576-0
Student Book with Online Workbook 978-130-526-072-6
Student Book with Printed Workbook 978-130-525-743-6
Printed Workbook 978-130-525-699-6
Online Workbook 978-130-525-575-3
CD-ROM 978-130-525-574-6
Audio CD 978-130-525-646-0
Classroom Presentation Tool 978-130-525-647-7
Combo Split 1A with Online Workbook 978-130-526-434-2
Combo Split 1B with Online Workbook 978-130-526-776-3
Combo Split 1 A with CD-ROM 978-130-525-736-8
Combo Split 1B with CD-ROM 978-130-526-720-6
Teacher’s Guide 978-130-525-658-3
Level 2
Student Book 978-130-525-577-7
E-book (printed access code) 978-130-526-715-2
E-book (ePin for eccomerce use) 978-130-526-244-7
Student Book with CD-ROM 978-130-525-584-5
Student Book with Online Workbook 978-130-526-036-8
Student Book with Printed Workbook 978-130-525-744-3
Printed Workbook 978-130-525-702-3
Online Workbook 978-130-525-581-4
CD-ROM 978-130-525-578-4
Audio CD 978-130-525-648-4
Classroom Presentation Tool 978-130-525-649-1
Combo Split 2A with Online Workbook 978-130-526-435-9
Combo Split 2B with Online Workbook 978-130-526-777-0
Combo Split 2A with CD-ROM 978-130-525-737-5
Combo Split 2B with CD-ROM 978-130-526-771-8
Teacher’s Guide 978-130-525-659-0
Level 3
Student Book 978-130-525-613-2
E-book (printed access code) 978-130-526-716-9
E-book (ePin for eccomerce use) 978-130-526-245-4
Student Book with CD-ROM 978-130-525-619-4
Student Book with Online Workbook 978-130-526-037-5
Student Book with Printed Workbook 978-130-525-745-0
Printed Workbook 978-130-525-705-4
Online Workbook 978-130-525-616-3
CD-ROM 978-130-525-614-9
Audio CD 978-130-525-650-7
Classroom Presentation Tool 978-130-525-651-4
Combo Split 3A with Online Workbook 978-130-526-436-6
Combo Split 3B with Online Workbook 978-130-526-778-7
Combo Split 3A with CD-ROM 978-130-525-738-2
Combo Split 3B with CD-ROM 978-130-526-772-5
Teacher’s Guide 978-130-525-660-6
Level 4
Student Book 978-130-525-620-0
E-book (printed access code) 978-130-526-717-6
E-book (ePin for eccomerce use) 978-130-526-246-1
Student Book with CD-ROM 978-130-525-629-3
Student Book with Online Workbook 978-130-526-038-2
Student Book with Printed Workbook 978-130-525-746-7
Printed Workbook 978-130-525-706-1
Online Workbook 978-130-525-628-6
CD-ROM 978-130-525-627-9
Audio CD 978-130-525-652-1
Classroom Presentation Tool 978-130-525-653-8
Combo Split 4A with Online Workbook 978-130-526-437-3
Combo Split 4B with Online Workbook 978-130-526-779-4
Combo Split 4A with CD-ROM 978-130-525-739-9
Combo Split 4B with CD-ROM 978-130-526-773-2
Teacher’s Guide 978-130-525-661-3
Level 5
Student Book 978-130-525-630-9
E-book (printed access code) 978-130-526-718-3
E-book (ePin for eccomerce use) 978-130-526-247-8
Student Book with CD-ROM 978-130-525-634-7
Student Book with Online Workbook 978-130-526-039-9
Student Book with Printed Workbook 978-130-525-747-4
Printed Workbook 978-130-525-707-8
Online Workbook 978-130-525-632-3
CD-ROM 978-130-525-633-0
Audio CD 978-130-525-654-5
Classroom Presentation Tool 978-130-525-655-2
Combo Split 5A with Online Workbook 978-130-526-438-0
Combo Split 5B with Online Workbook 978-130-526-780-0
Combo Split 5A with CD-ROM 978-130-525-740-5
Combo Split 5B with CD-ROM 978-130-526-774-9
Teacher’s Guide 978-130-525-662-0
Level 6
Student Book 978-130-525-635-4
E-book (printed access code) 978-130-526-719-0
E-book (ePin for eccomerce use) 978-130-526-248-5
Student Book with CD-ROM 978-130-525-638-5
Student Book with Online Workbook 978-130-526-040-5
Student Book with Printed Workbook 978-130-525-748-1
Printed Workbook 978-130-525-708-5
Online Workbook 978-130-525-637-8
CD-ROM 978-130-525-636-1
Audio CD 978-130-525-656-9
Classroom Presentation Tool 978-130-525-657-6
Combo Split 6A with Online Workbook 978-130-526-439-7
Combo Split 6B with Online Workbook 978-130-526-781-7
Combo Split 6A with CD-ROM 978-130-525-741-2
Combo Split 6B with CD-ROM 978-130-526-775-6
Teacher’s Guide 978-130-525-663-7
Levels 1-6
DVD 978-130-525-664-4
Examview® 978-130-525-639-2