Practical Grammar

David Riley, John Hughes

Levels: Elementary A1 | Intermediate B1 | Pre-Intermediate A2 | Upper Intermediate B2

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Practical Grammar is the comprehensive new three-level course that presents essential grammar in a user-friendly format. An integrated approach and contextualized content ensure that students learn usage as well as the form of each grammatical structure. Each level comes with 2 audio CD’s and a PIN code which allows access to MyPG.

Level 1

Student Book A1-A2 with Key
ISBN: 9781424018086

Student Book A1-A2 without Key
ISBN: 9781424016778

Photocopiables A1-A2
ISBN: 9781424018093

Exam View Pro® CD-ROM A1-A2
ISBN: 9781424029181

Level 2

Student Book A2-B1 with Key
ISBN: 9781424018055

Student Book A2-B1 without Key
ISBN: 9781424018048

Photocopiables A2-B1
ISBN: 9781424018093

Exam View Pro® CD-ROM A2B1
ISBN: 9781424029273

Level 3

Student Book B1-B2 with Key
ISBN: 9781424018079

Student Book B1-B2 without Key
ISBN: 9781424018062

Photocopiables B1-B2
ISBN: 9781424018109

Exam View Pro® CD-ROM B1-B2
ISBN: 9781424029280