Reach into Phonics

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Recommended for: Bilingual Education | Dual Language | English Language Learners | Gifted & Talented | Intervention | RTI | School Improvement | Special Education | Striving Readers | Summer School

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1 | Elementary A1 | Intermediate B1 | Pre-Intermediate A2

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Learning Consultant Attention

Reach into Phonics build phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and spelling skills with highly interactive materials designed to help students gain Independence in reading and writing.

  • Flexible Resources

Sing with Me Phonics Songs are a fun and interactive tool to introduce phonics elements, high frequency words, and vocabulary. As students sing the songs, they anchor their understanding of the sound/spellings and gain experience with the rhythm and rich vocabulary of English.

Sound/Spelling Cards provide 47 visual cues linking sounds and spellings. Use these cards to introduce specific sound/spellings, and then display them around the classroom for students to refer to at any time.

Reach into Phonics Teacher’s Edition provides comprehensive lesson plans and assessments for teaching phonological awareness, letters and sounds, blending, decoding, spelling, and high frequency word instruction.

Read On Your Own Books provide 32 decodable books with student-friendly phonics and high frequency word instruction and practice.

Grade 1

Phonics Kit
ISBN: 9780736281386

Practice Book
ISBN: 9780736279697

Read on Your Own Books SingleCopy set
ISBN: 9780736280891

Grade 2

Reach into Phonics Phonics Kit
ISBN: 9780736281430

Practice Book
ISBN: 9780736279703

Read on Your Own Books SingleCopy set
ISBN: 9780736280884

Grade 3-5

Reach into Phonics Phonics Kit
ISBN: 9780736281485

Practice Book
ISBN: 9780736279710