The Grammar Book

Diane Larsen-Freeman, Marianne Celce-Murcia

3ª Edición | © 2016

Levels: Advanced C1

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Learning Consultant Attention

The Grammar Book introduces teachers and future teachers to English grammatical constructions. This highly acclaimed text, used both as a course book and as a grammar reference guide, is suitable for all teachers of English.

What sets it apart from other grammar books is its unique pedagogical focus: It describes not only how each grammatical construction is formed, but also its meaning and its use. Grammar is seen to be a resource for making meaning in textually and socially appropriate ways.

  • Updated explanations of the form, meaning, and use of grammatical constructions, which draw on new research findings, especially from cognitive linguistics (for meaning) and corpus linguistics (for use)
  • Contrastive information that alerts teachers to possible cross-linguistic influence and helps teachers to identify the learning challenges of their students
  • Increased accessibility of the grammatical descriptions to guide teachers to address their students’ learning challenges
  • New applications in the form of teaching suggestions, exercises, and further readings