World Class

Expanding English Fluency

Nancy Douglas, James R. Morgan

Levels: Advanced C1 | Upper Intermediate B2

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Learning Consultant Attention

World Class is a new, two-level series from National Geographic Learning for high-intermediate and advanced English language learners. This integrated-skills program uses National Geographic content, images, and video to help learners expand their overall fluency while developing the tools and strategies necessary for effective, real-world communication.

Knowledge – Learners enhance their understanding of the wider world through stunning images, engaging readings, and fascinating video from National Geographic.

Connections – Learners are motivated to connect the thematic content to their lives, bringing relevance to every unit and inspiring critical thinking.

Outcomes – Teachers and learners have tangible, relevant goals in every unit that are reinforced in the Workbook and Teacher’s Guide.

World Class technology includes:

  • Student CD-ROM
  • Online Workbook
  • Presentation Tool CD-ROM
  • Online Lesson Planner
  • Classroom Audio
  • Classroom DVD
  • Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®.

Level 1

Student Book with Student CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133310815

Student Bookwith Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781285063096

Combo Split 1A with CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565871

Combo Split 1B with CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565888

Combo Split 1A with Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781285419831

Combo Split 1B with Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781285419886

ISBN: 9781133565796

Teacher’s Edition
ISBN: 9781133565789

Presentation Tool CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565949

Online Lesson Planner
ISBN: 9781133566052

Classroom DVD
ISBN: 9781133566045

Classroom Audio CD
ISBN: 9781133565765

Assessment CD-ROM with Examview®
ISBN: 9781133565932

Level 2

Student Book with Student CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565895

Student Book with Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781285063089

Combo Split 2A with CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565901

Combo Split 2B with CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565918

Combo Split 2A with Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781285419893

Combo Split 2B with Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781285419916

Online Workbook
ISBN: 9781133566083

Teacher’s Edition
ISBN: 9781133565833

Presentation Tool CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781133565994

Online Lesson Planner
ISBN: 9781133566076

Classroom DVD
ISBN: 9781133566045

Classroom Audio CD
ISBN: 9781133565772

Assessment CD-ROM with Examview ®
ISBN: 9781133565932