World Windows

National Geographic Learning

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1 | Elementary A1 | Pre-Intermediate A2

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Learning Consultant Attention

World Windows is a non-fiction reading series which helps students build language skills and learn about the world around them. This three-level course is designed for emergent readers and features a rich variety of National Geographic images and content. Through topics as diverse as earth science and economics, students will be exposed to a wide variety of text types, structures, and features.

Each reader is accompanied by a full-color workbook with activities and exercises to reinforce their learning. A multi-ROM is also available and features an interactive version of the reader and many more exercises.

  • Introduces students to a variety of text types commonly used in nonfiction texts – recount, informational, persuasive and procedural.
  • Nonfiction can be more challenging than fiction because there is more than one way to organize a nonfiction text. You can find the following text structures in World Windows: description/listing, sequence, compare & contrast, cause & effect and problem & solution.
  • Nonfiction text features support or add information in the main text. World Windows introduces students to a wide range of text features, including: table of contents, captions, charts, diagrams, flow charts, glossary, graphs, heading, illustrations, index, introduction, labels, magnifications, maps, picture sequences, pronunciation guides, sidebars, tables and timelines.
  • Each reader in the series focuses on a particular comprehensive strategy to improve students’ reading skills: identify main idea & details, classify, compare & contrast, identify cause & effect, sequence, draw conclusions and predict outcomes.

Online Teacher’s Guides

Each level of science and social studies is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide. Each Teacher’s Guide contains:

  • Background information about content area
  • Prereading instruction
  • Vocabulary preview
  • Teaching instruction and comprehension questions for each student book page
  • Notable text structures, comprehension strategies, and text structures
  • Workbooks answer key
  • Worksheet answer key

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