Bringing the world to the classroom…
and the classroom to life

At National Geographic Learning we believe education is one of the great transformative forces of this century. Our goal is to help learners and teachers to achieve personal success and be better citizens of the 21st century. We want English language teachers and their students to experience the excitement and joy of learning, and to bring their classroom to life. Our mission is to create materials which inspire students to learn and acquire the skills they need to be successful in their careers or educational experiences, and to become future leaders of the planet.

Our exclusive partnerships with National Geographic and TED provide a unique opportunity to inspire, expand global awareness, and help students how to be leaders, through learning English.

National Geographic Learning and TED are now partners in English Language Teaching!

National Geographic Learning is proud to announce a new partnership with TED in English Language Teaching, helping us to provide curious minds with authentic, compelling materials in the classroom. Alongside rich, National Geographic resources and one-of-a-kind instructional support, powerful TED Talks provide an engaging springboard for learners to share ideas in English.

Ideas Worth Spreading

With TED Talks in your classroom, your learners can hear inspiring people share ideas that can change the world. Now your learners will satisfy their curiosity about 21st century topics and share their Ideas Worth Spreading in English.

TED Talks will help your students learn English through:

  • Fascinating Topics, 21st century knowledge from TED empowers learners to share their Ideas
    Worth Spreading.
  • Inspiring Speakers, inspiring thinkers and doers reach over one billion people through TED Learners will relate to and engage with the exiting and motivating TED speakers!
  • Authentic Language, the language in TED Talks is natural and unabridged, providing examples of spoken English that are real and current.

World English 2nd Edition, 21st Century Reading  and Keynote series include TED material.