Active Skills for Communication

Active Skills for Communication

Intro – 2

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1, Elementary A1, Intermediate B1, Pre-Intermediate A2, Upper Intermediate B2

  • American English
  • Exam View
  • Audio

Series Consultant: Neil J. Anderson

ACTIVE Skills for Communication is an exciting new three-level series that develops learners’ speaking and listening skills. Written by ELT specialists Curtis Kelly and Chuck Sandy, with series consultant Neil J. Anderson, the series uses the ACTIVE approach to help learners become more fluent, confident—and active—speakers of English. Each unit contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step activities that lead toward a major speaking task. The tasks are based on real-life situations and are designed to increase self-confidence and foster positive attitudes towards learning English.

Student Text ISBN: 9781413020342 Student Text with Student Audio CD Pkg ISBN: 9781424009053 Workbook ISBN: 9781424001101 Classroom Audio CD ISBN: 9781424001217 Student Audio CD ISBN: 9781424001255 Teacher’s Edition ISBN: 9781424001026

Student Text ISBN: 9781413020311 Student Text with Student Audio CD Pkg ISBN: 9781424009084 Workbook ISBN: 9781424001071 Classroom Audio CD ISBN: 9781424001187 Student Audio CD ISBN: 9781424001224 Teacher’s Edition ISBN: 9781424000890

Student Text ISBN: 9781413020328 Student Text with Student Audio CD Pkg ISBN: 9781424009091 Workbook ISBN: 9781424001088 Classroom Audio CD ISBN: 9781424001194 Student Audio CD ISBN: 9781424001231 Teacher’s Edition ISBN: 9781424000906

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