Grammar Café

Grammar Café is a range of Internet-based courses which provide students with interactive grammar practice. Multimedia-based presentations of each grammar target in context model how the language is really used.  Interactive exercises and quizzes then provide students with practice using the grammar target, and offer instant feedback on progress.

Now you can add new life to your grammar class! Grammar Café is a revolutionary new online grammar course that blends words, sounds, images, and more to heighten your students’ understanding of important grammar concepts.
  • Key grammar points are illustrated through interactive lessons, animated text, and sound.
  • Students use their speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills to complete hands-on grammar exercises.
  • Self-check practice quizzes allow students to check their understanding of grammar lessons in each unit.

Level 1 ISBN: 9781424006441

Level 2 ISBN: 9781424016907

Level 3 ISBN: 9781424016914

Level 5 ISBN: 9781424016945

Level 4 ISBN: 9781424016921

Level 6 ISBN: 9781424016938