Ladders Common Core

Ladders Common Core

Stephanie Harvey

The Ladders Reading/Language Arts listed here are Common Core versions. This series covers all Reading and Writing Common Core Standards for grades 3-5. Non-Common Core, as well as Texas, editions are also available. For more information please contact your sales rep.
Same Great Content. Four Different Reading Levels.

  • Laddered approach to leveled readers in order to differentiate for a shared experience
  • Compelling selections utilizing National Geographic visuals
  • 100% coverage of Common Core Standards for Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, and Writing
  • Expertise of program consultant, Stephanie Harvey

eBooks available for on-level National Geographic Ladders Common Core Readers

  • Compatible on iPads and Android device
  • Hover over any word for its definition
  • Scroll, pinch, and zoom for an interactive experience!

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