Levels: Advanced C1, Beginning Pre-A1, Elementary A1, Intermediate B1, Pre-Intermediate A2, Upper Intermediate B2

  • British English
  • DVD
  • Exam View
  • IWB
  • +5 contact hours a week

Life is an exciting six-level series that makes learning English an exploration of the world. Drawing on National Geographic content, Life transforms the learning experience into a fabulous journey with irresistible images, articles and videos that engage learners like no series before.

Bring Life into your classroom!

  • A practical, competency-based syllabus helps learners in their development of grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and skills through appropriate communicative tasks.
  • Real life lessons model and practise everyday functions, preparing learners to use language in the real world.
  • National Geographic video on the DVD allows teachers to bring lessons to life.
  • The carefully designed critical thinking syllabus challenges learners to understand texts at a deeper level.
  • Vocabulary is introduced thematically, with additional emphasis on key words and word building in Word focus and Word building sections.

For Students: 

  • Student’s Book + DVD
  • Engaging tasks with fascinating National Geographic content
  • Fully integrated National Geographic video for each unit
  • Review at the end of each unit
  • Grammar reference with practice activities
  • Workbook with Audio CD
  • Further practice and linear progression of Student’s Book contents
  • Focus on learning skills
  • Sample IELTS tests allow students to benchmark their learning

For Teachers:

  • Teacher’s Book with class Audio CD
  • Detailed teaching notes with lead-ins, additional activities and answer key
  • Notes on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and useful background information
  • Photocopiable communication activities and tests

Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM

  • Includes IWB tools, ‘zoomable’ pages and easy‑to‑access audio and DVD
  • Create your own interactive tasks with the easy‑to‑use Content Creation Tool
  • Show or hide the key
  • Show justification for the reading and listening comprehensions

NEW ExamView

  •  Make paper and online tests in minutes!

Table of contents:

Sample Units:

Student’s Book + DVD ISBN: 9781133315681 Workbook + Audio CD ISBN: 9781133317319 E-book ISBN: 9781285462615 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316114 Examview® CD-ROM ISBN: 9781285451138 Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM ISBN: 9781133318330

Student’s Book + DVD ISBN: 9781133315698 Workbook + Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316039 E-book ISBN: 9781285462622 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316091 Examview® CD-ROM ISBN: 9781285451145 Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM ISBN: 9781133318347

Student’s Book + DVD ISBN: 9781133315704 Workbook + Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316138 E-book ISBN: 9781285462639 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316077 Examview® CD-ROM ISBN: 9781285199122 Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM ISBN: 9781133318354

Student’s Book + DVD ISBN: 9781133315711 Workbook + Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316886 E-book ISBN: 9781285462639 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133316053 Examview® CD-ROM ISBN: 9781285199115 Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM ISBN: 9781133318361

Student’s Book + DVD ISBN: 9781133315728 Workbook + Audio CD ISBN: 9781133315469 E-book ISBN: 9781285462653 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133315476 Examview® CD-ROM ISBN: 9781285451169 Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM ISBN: 9781133318378

Student’s Book + DVD ISBN: 9781133315735 Workbook + Audio CD ISBN: 9781133315766 E-book ISBN: 9781285462660 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133315773 Examview® CD-ROM ISBN: 9781285451152 Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM ISBN: 9781133318385