Michigan ECCE All-Star

Michigan ECCE All-Star

Extra Practice Tests

Levels: Intermediate B1

  • American English
  • IWB
  • Audio

A major revision and expansion of the Michigan ECCE Practice Tests.

Each volume of the new All Star Extra series contains 8 complete ECCE practice tests with an abundance of extra material designed to provide students with the chance to continue building their competency in each of the areas tested on the exam.

Roughly 75% of the content of Volume 1 and 90% of the content of Volume 2 is brand new material not found in previous editions. Grammar and vocabulary items as well as reading, writing and speaking tasks have been thoroughly updated and are now totally in line with the current ECCE format and level of difficulty.

New to this Edition

  • Extra practice tests: Each book now has 8 practice tests (compared to 6 in our original editions).
  • A fresh new look: We have updated the design and added full-colour illustrations and photos.
  • Extra grammar support: Each test is followed by a one-page Grammar Energizer focusing on one or more commonly tested grammar topics and question types.
  • Extra vocabulary support: Each test is followed by two-page Vocabulary Energizer consisting of one or more theme-based exercises plus a section entitled “A Second Look”, which recycles key word clusters found in each test.
  • Extra writing support: Both volumes contain a Writing Tutorial, with brainstorming activities and suggestions for developing each essay topic.
  • Extra test-taking tips: Each test task now has a test-taking tip to raise students’ “exam savvy”.
  • Extra teaching support: In addition to overprinted answers, annotated reading passages, and abundant teaching tips, each Teacher’s Book includes photocopiable material: 16 Model Compositions and a grammar and vocabulary quiz for each test.

Volume 1 Audio CDs (revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061411 Volume 1 IWB (Revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061428 Volume 1 SB (revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061374 Volume 1 TB (revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061398 Volume 2 Audio CDs (revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061473 Volume 2 IWB (Revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061480 Volume 2 SB (revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061435 Volume 2 TB (revised 2013) ISBN: 781408061466