Michigan Proficiency Listening & Speaking

Michigan Proficiency Listening & Speaking

Diane Flanel Piniaris

  • American English
  • Audio

Packed with fresh and motivating material, Michigan Proficiency Listening & Speaking is designed to be used in the early stages of ECPE preparation in combination with MichiganProficiency First Steps and/or Michigan Proficiency Skllls Builder. It may also be used in the final stages of ECPE preparation for students desiring additional listening and speaking practice.

Key features:

  • 20 two-page ‘mini tests’ which are specially designed to provide a 15-minute listening and speaking component to your normal Michigan curriculum once or twice a week
  • Each test consists of 12 short ECPE-style listening items, one extended ECPE-style listening passage and an illustrated speaking activity related to the topic
  • 4 full-length Progress Tests in the actual format of the Listening and Speaking sections that students will encounter on the ECPE Final
  • Tips for handling the Listening and Speaking sections of the exam and an explanation of how these parts are evaluated.