Our World Readers: American English

Our World Readers: American English

Our World Readers, Big Books and Story Time DVDs

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1, Elementary A1, Intermediate B1, Pre-Intermediate A2

  • American English

Bring storytelling into your classroom.

The Our World Readers are six levels of original stories, folktales, myths and non-fiction from around the world.

  • 6 levels
  • 9 full-colour readers per level
  • 18 Big Books for levels 1 and 2
  • The readers include fairytales, legends, myths, original fiction and nonfiction
  • Story Time DVD available for each level

Encourage reading for fun and bring storytelling into your English language learning classroom.

Little Red Hen is Cooking ISBN: 9781133730415 Little Red Hen is Cooking (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939573 My Body, Your Body ISBN: 9781133730408 My Body, Your Body (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939566 The King’s New Clothes ISBN: 9781133730385 The King’s New Clothes (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939450 The Three Bears ISBN: 9781133730378 The Three Bears (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939436 The Toys ISBN: 9781133730392 The Toys (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939467 Too Many Animals ISBN: 9781133730422 Too Many Animals (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939627 We All Pull ISBN: 9781133730361 We All Pull (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939405 What’s in My Classroom ISBN: 9781133590088 What’s in My Classroom (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939238 Where are The Animals ISBN: 9781133730354 Where are The Animals (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939306

A Big Lesson For Little Frog ISBN: 9781133730491 A Big Lesson For Little Frog (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939757 Art Class ISBN: 9781133730439 Art Class (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939221 Hare is Scared ISBN: 9781133730484 Hare is Scared (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939733 My Day ISBN: 9781133730477 My Day (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939719 Stone Soup ISBN: 9781133730514 Stone Soup (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939801 The Ant and The Grasshopper ISBN: 9781133730453 The Ant and The Grasshopper (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939658 The North Wind and The Sun ISBN: 9781133730446 The North Wind and The Sun (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939641 The Three Pigs ISBN: 9781133730460 The Three Pigs (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939689 What Jobs Do They Do ISBN: 9781133730507 What Jobs Do They Do (Big Book) ISBN: 9781133939771

Anansi’s Big Dinner ISBN: 9781133730576 Caring for Elephant Orphans ISBN: 9781133730521 Country Mouse Visits City Mouse ISBN: 9781133730538 Coyote’s Weekend ISBN: 9781133730606 Getting to School Around the World ISBN: 9781133730545 Holiday Colors and Lights ISBN: 9781133730590 Mouse Deer in the Rain Forest ISBN: 9781133730569 The Four Blind Men ISBN: 9781133730552 Tortoise and Hare’s Race ISBN: 9781133730583

Hurum’s Hobby ISBN: 9781133730682 Rhodopis ISBN: 9781133730637 Stormalong and the Giant Octopus ISBN: 9781133730668 Sweet Surprises, Accidental Food Inventions ISBN: 9781133730675 Tender Flower and the Medicine ISBN: 9781133730644 The Empty Pot ISBN: 9781133730620 The Green Rabbit ISBN: 9781133730651 The Mirror ISBN: 9781133730613 The Tug-of-War ISBN: 9781133730699

Amazing Beaches ISBN: 9781133730781 How the Milky Way Began ISBN: 9781133730736 How Tiger Got His Stripes ISBN: 9781133730712 Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl ISBN: 9781133730767 The Cave People of the Karawari, A Disappearing Culture ISBN: 9781133730743 The Songbirds’ Flute ISBN: 9781133730729 The Tailor and His Coat ISBN: 9781133730774 The Tale of Thunder and Lightning ISBN: 9781133730705 Two Brothers, Two Rewards ISBN: 9781133730750

Advertising Techniques, Do You Buy It? ISBN: 9781133730842 Better Lives with Bionics ISBN: 9781133730866 How Quetzalcoatl Brought Chocolate to the People ISBN: 9781133730811 King Midas and His Golden Touch ISBN: 9781133730804 Odon and the Tiny Creatures ISBN: 9781133730835 The Flying Dutchman ISBN: 9781133730873 The River Dragons ISBN: 9781133730828 The Shark King’s Cave ISBN: 9781133730859 Young Cú Chulainn, Athlete and Future Warrior ISBN: 9781133730798

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