Pass Cambridge BEC

Pass Cambridge BEC

Levels: Advanced C1, Intermediate B1, Upper Intermediate B2

  • British English
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This popular BEC series has been completely revised. PASS Cambridge BEC is a practical course for students who wish to gain a recognised business English qualification. Focusing on relevant international business situations, the course has been structured to provide students with a thorough preparation for the Business English Certificates (BEC).Student’s BookTeacher’s Book and Class Audio CD


Student’s Book ISBN: 9781133313205 Workbook ISBN: 9781133316510 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133317548


Student’s Book ISBN: 9781133315575 Workbook ISBN: 9781133316558 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133317531


Student’s Book ISBN: 9781133313229 Workbook ISBN: 9781133316572 Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CD ISBN: 9781133317524