Pathways: Reading, Writing, & Critical Thinking

Pathways: Reading, Writing, & Critical Thinking

Levels: Advanced C1, Intermediate B1, Pre-Intermediate A2, Upper Intermediate B2

  • American English
  • DVD
  • Exam View
  • Audio

Pathways is National Geographic Learning’s new academic series that helps learners develop the language skills they need to achieve academic success. The series features reading & writing and listening & speaking strands, and develops learners’ academic literacy skills through National Geographic content, images and video. This innovative series provides learners with a pathway to success!

Key features:

  • National Geographic articles, video, maps, and graphs engage students with academic content in a variety of genres and formats.
  • Clear connections between reading and writing skills help students become more effective readers and writers.
  • Academic reading skills and strategies, embedded in the unit tasks, prepare students to comprehend a variety of realistic academic texts.
  • Step-by-step writing instruction, with integrated grammar and vocabulary, provides practice of a variety of rhetorical forms modeled on the academic classroom.
  • Integrated critical thinking tasks develop learners’ ability to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information from a wide range of sources.

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView ISBN: 978-128-544-218-1 Audio CDs ISBN: 978-128-544-216-7 DVD ISBN: 978-128-544-219-8 Presentation Tool CD-ROM ISBN: 978-128-544-259-4 Teacher’s Guide ISBN: 978-128-544-217-4 Text with Online Workbook Access Code ISBN: 978-128-544-213-6

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® ISBN: 978-113-331-714-2 Audio CDs ISBN: 978-113-331-720-3 DVD ISBN: 978-113-331-715-9 Presentation Tool CD-ROM ISBN: 978-113-331-719-7 Teacher’s Guide ISBN: 978-113-331-734-0 Text with Online Access Code ISBN: 978-113-331-286-4

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® ISBN: 978-113-331-726-5 Audio CDs ISBN: 978-113-331-728-9 DVD ISBN: 978-113-331-718-0 Presentation Tool CD-ROM ISBN: 978-113-331-727-2 Teacher’s Guide ISBN: 978-113-331-707-4 Text with Online Access Code ISBN: 978-113-394-216-0

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® ISBN: 978-113-331-738-8 Audio CDs ISBN: 978-113-331-735-7 DVD ISBN: 978-113-331-737-1 Presentation Tool CD-ROM ISBN: 978-113-331-736-4 Teacher’s Guide ISBN: 978-113-331-739-5 Text with Online Access Code ISBN: 978-113-331-709-8

Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® ISBN: 978-113-331-743-2 Audio CDs ISBN: 978-113-331-740-1 DVD ISBN: 978-113-331-744-9 Presentation Tool CD-ROM ISBN: 978-113-331-742-5 Teacher’s Guide ISBN: 978-113-331-741-8 Text with Online Access Code ISBN: 978-113-331-706-7

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