The Heinle Picture Dictionary

The Heinle Picture Dictionary

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1, Elementary A1, Pre-Intermediate A2

  • American English
  • CD-ROM
  • Audio

ISBN: 9781133563105

Presents 4,000 words in context through vibrant images within thematic units. The new edition uses illustrations, readings, audio, and technology to teach everyday and content-area vocabulary.


  • “Words in Context” shows how the language is actually used through accessible, contextualized readings
  • “Word Partnerships” helps students use high-frequency word patterns and collocations like a native speaker
  • “Words in Action” provides practice with new words through classroom activities.
  • The Lesson Planner, with 342 fully developed lesson plans, provides extensive multilevel support for the busy teacher
  • The Activity Bank CD-ROM, included in the Lesson Planner, contains reproducible activity masters that can be ustomized for individual and classroom use
  • The Audio CDs allow students to improve listening and pronunciation skills with recordings of the target vocabulary and “Words in Context”
  • Beginning and Intermediate Workbooks reinforce and consolidate classroom instruction with vocabulary, listening, and grammar practice
  • “Grammar Connection,” included in each workbook lesson, presents the necessary grammar for building sentences with the newly acquired vocabulary
  • High-frequency words are highlighted, allowing students to focus on the top ten most essential words in each lesson
  • The Interactive Student CD-ROM makes practicing vocabulary fun through games, activities, audio, and bilingual support
  • The Interactive Presentation Tool CD-ROM enlivens the classroom with dynamic student book pages, audio, activities, and games for use on an interactive whiteboard or computer with proyector
  • The Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® makes assessment easy with quizzes and tests that can be customized
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