Time Zones Second Edition

Time Zones Second Edition

Levels: Beginning Pre-A1, Elementary A1, Intermediate B1, Pre-Intermediate A2

  • American English
  • DVD
  • Exam View
  • IWB
  • Audio
  • 1-4 contact hours a week
  • +5 contact hours a week
  • eBook

The second edition of National Geographic Learning’s best-selling Time Zones series brings the world to the classroom like never before!Combining a communicative approach to learning English with stunning National Geographic images, video, and content, Time Zones encourages teenage learners to:

  • Explore amazing places and fascinating cultures from around the globe
  • Discover the exciting worlds of science and technology, nature, history, geography, and popular culture
  • Learn how to use English to communicate effectively in the real world by developing both language and critical thinking skills

Time Zones, Second Edition is a four-skills program designed to teach teenagers how to use English effectively, developing them into successful global citizens. It features:

  • Engaging real-world content that brings National Geographic Explorers and 21st century topics into the classroom.
  • A communicative approach that offers students the opportunity to learn about and critically discuss global issues.
  • National Geographic video in every unit, introducing amazing places, culture, and information from around the world.
  • An all-new Starter level, introducing students to the essential English language skills and vocabulary necessary for true beginners.

New and Enhanced in the Second Edition!

  • New Video sections in every unit motivate learners and provide engaging opportunities to synthesize information from multiple sources.
  • Updated Real World pages introduce real-life National Geographic Explorers and their passions, and serve as a springboard for classroom discussion.
  • A new Starter Combo level introduces the language and vocabulary needed for success in the classroom, and provides practice and reinforcement through corresponding Workbook pages.
  • The new Online Workbook with National Geographic video allows learners greater flexibility for additional practice – anywhere, anytime!

Starter Combo ISBN: 9781305260313

Student Book with Online Workbook ISBN: 9781305509245 Student Book ISBN: 9781305259843 Combo Split 1A with Online Workbook ISBN: 9781305509252 Combo Split 1A ISBN: 9781305260122 Combo Split 1B with Online Workbook ISBN: 9781305509269 Combo Split 1B ISBN: 9781305260139 Student E-book ISBN: 9781305260245 Workbook ISBN: 9781305259928 Online Workbook ISBN: 9781305260085 Teacher’s Edition ISBN: 9781305259881 Classroom Audio CD and DVD ISBN: 9781305260009 Classroom Presentation Tool ISBN: 9781305259966 Assessment CD-ROM w/Examview® (Levels 1 & 2) ISBN: 9781305260290

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