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Technology is constantly evolving, and 2016 will be no different. Tech trends are expected to change, improve and impede our daily lives during the course of the year. Check out the top 5 tech trends below:

1. Smart Home

This is anything to do with web connected appliances. This year we see this evolving, particularly with internet ready home security devices, such as locking doors via smartphone, in-home sensors and a whole  host of other features.

2. Privacy

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Privacy and personal data has always been an ongoing issue. It seems that the government and various companies seem unable to provide adequate privacy tools. Therefore for 2016 it is expected that people may pull back from social media and smartphone use, or use tools to better protect their privacy. New Privacy protection companies and services also will emerge to cater for this need.

3. Ads

2016 will see a substantial increase in advertising. Websites and a wide range of companies will look for ways to connect advertisers with audiences. This will involve media companies producing brand supported content. This will give advertisers the opportunity to support specific content with their brand ideals.

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4. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage will be important this year, and Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft will be focusing on access and work options. They will also be competing with each other, offering consumers a host of options. Storing locally is dying out and cloud is taking over, but a lot of people still do not understand it. 2016 will see companies concentrate on educating and marketing cloud storage to potential consumers.

5. 4K Content

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4K HDTV’s offer screen resolution four times greater than a standard 1080p HDTV. The result is that images are considerably sharper, clearer and more effective. Sales are expected to grow during 2016, as more people begin to understand about screen resolutions and the attraction of viewing content, particularly movies with a high resolution.