Get Close

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Get Close

English for Bachillerato Tecnológico

  • DVD
  • Exam View

Get Close is a five-level course created specifically for learners studying English under the Programa de Inglés del Bachillerato Tecnológico.

  • Revised version of Close-Up for Bachillerato Tecnologico
  • New language concepts presented and practiced through Clear teaching and Learning strategies (estrategias didácticas) of presentation, practice, and production.
  • Complete competencies program according to the Reforma Integral de Bachillerato and its Marco Curricular Común, including generic, discipline, and linguistic competencies.
  • A strong functional grammar and vocabulary syllabus for practice in all four skills.

Student’s Book 1 ISBN: 9781337628099 Student’s Book 2 ISBN: 9781337628167 Student’s Book 3 ISBN: 9781337628174 Student’s Book 4 ISBN: 9781337628181 Student’s Book 5 ISBN: 9781337628198 Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD 1 ISBN: 9781337628150 Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD 2 ISBN: 9781337628297 Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD 3 ISBN: 9781337628310 Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD 4 ISBN: 9781337628334 Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD 5 ISBN: 9781337628358 Get Close 1-5 DVD ISBN: 9781337628129 Get Close 1-5 ExamView CD-ROM ISBN: 9781337628136